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At Mostro Sports

Our mission is to provide you with an excellent shopping experience as our clients satisfaction is paramount. Everything about our products revolves around our commitment to helping you feel your best and inspire confidence in you. 

Meet The Founder

David Velasquez
David Velasquez Mostro Sports
Mostro Sport Team
Mostro Sports Founder

As a competitive Calisthenics athlete, David Velasquez realized how long it takes for the muscles to recover after competition; at times the soreness was so intense he could barely move his arms the next day. After competing multiple times, and feeling extremely sore and in pain, he went looking for a solution. He came across Percussion therapy. A type of Therapy that goes deep in the muscle fibers and enables the tissue to recover much faster than any other type of therapy. The problem, later on, was how few products offered this therapy, and the few that did were overpriced and didn't offer a variety of options so you can control the intensity of the therapy. That's when he got together with a team of engineers and together they created what today is "The Mostro Gun"
A Very High-Quality Percussion Therapy device that's available for everyone. 
Years after Mostro Gun took off and sold hundreds of units all over the world, the entire team of Mostro Sports decided to provide other sports solutions.

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